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Fruit of the Spirit Series #5: The Church Bell

The next Fruit of the Spirit series is available! Read “The Church Bell,” #5 in the Fruit of the Spirit series for beginning readers. Faith-based and scripture referenced, “The Church Bell” explores the feelings children have when faced with unexpected circumstances, as when a tornado destroys the family church. God’s faithfulness and our faithfulness to Him is approached with openness and family discussion.
The Fruit of the Spirit series has explored kindness, self-control, peace, patience, and faithfulness. Still to come: love, joy, goodness, and gentleness. Join Dani and her invisible purple goat, Jax as they learn the important lessons God wants us to know. Jax and Shimmer (a beautiful – also invisible – hummingbird) help Dani find the right path and explore the wonderful world we live in. Great for ages 7-11. Find them all on Amazon; look for books by Tricia Cundiff.