Underground Librarian

Whether by evolutionary need or divine intervention, a small percentage of children born in the late 2030x were afflicted or gifted, depending upon your viewpoint.  Enforcers collected those children, whether turned in by their parents or hunted after being apprised by other sources.  Cassady was one such child that had escaped the enforcers’ net.  Her affliction was reading and remembering; her gift was a secret.

A short story appealing to Ray Bradbury’s fans combines adventure and fantasy into the life of a traveling hero.

Mountain Grown

Jake and his son have been alone for over three years, and the pain of loss continues to sting.  Looking out over his farm in the early morning sun, Jake sees an incredible new addition to the landscape.  Father and son begin an amazing journey of discovery.  

A ‘Quick Read’ for busy people.  A short story that dreams are made of, uplifting and magical.  

Knocking on Heaven’s Door

A Journey of Alzheimer’s: Short story about love, loss, and family.  Wholesome fiction for busy people.  Unseen faces of the family surrounding a loved one with Alzheimer’s or dementia.  A silent sadness, yet a constant hope. Knocking on Heaven’s Door brings a family caregiver full circle.  Many families have been touched by the disease that takes away the memories of a once vibrant soul.  Those few moments of clarity keep home alive.