Crooked Branch Mysteries

Ages 10 and up

The Crooked Branch series takes place in and around Old Hickory, Tennessee and although Old Hickory is a real place – and many local residents will recognize places and events – the stories are entirely fictional involving a group of teens who find themselves in mysterious situations with strange people.  With laughter and danger rolled into their lives, friendship blooms along with growth into compassionate and brave young adults. 

The Riverbank Box

Carson and Luke are sure that the men are after their treasure.  They don’t even know what’s in the box.  They’ve got to get that box open before the men find it . . . but it could be dangerous.  Samantha’s ready to bring the police in, but would that be the end of the secret treehouse?  Join the Crooked Branch kids as they realize how unprepared they are and the importance of trust and friendship.  Danger and laughter surround the mystery of the Riverbank Box.

Mr. Houdini is Missing

Did they run away?  Or are they ‘catnapped’?  The Crooked Branch kids are on the case, along with help from a strange old man and a large cat with a funny name.  Join them through exciting and scary days as they search for Mr. Houdini!

Aunt Bessie’s Leg

The trunk had been hard to get open, but the Crooked Branch kids had experience opening things.  Billy was disappointed that it seemed to be full of papers, but Samantha saw a green blanket that was wrapped around something.  She picked it up and turned it over.  And screamed . . .

The Berryville Bell

Chachi, the parrot who knew about a missing treasure, was missing. The old woman attacked, Chachi kidnapped, and an old church bell that had been stolen decades earlier were clues. How did it all fit together? Donna wasn’t sure that the big cat could help, but Suki did show up whenever things became creepy. The big cat looked into Donna’s eyes, a soft mewl escaping Suki’s throat. Donna stared into the cat’s eyes and felt some communication between them. “Okay,” she said. “Go to Abby.”