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Clarence the Teddy Bear/AbbyDoodle

Clarence the bear is in the first AbbyDoodle book “Abby’s Trophy”.  He sits on the shelf with the trophy.  And there is Clarence again in “Abby Likes to Read”.   I named the bear after Clarence the Angel who gets his wings in “It’s a Wonderful Life”.  One of my favorite movies.  I hope everyone has a ‘Clarence’. 

I absolutely, positively believe in angels.  Angels on earth, still with us, in flesh and blood; and angels beyond, watching over us.  If by chance, I have a guardian angel, I know she/he is mostly fed up with me and wishes I would ‘get it’.  I’m trying!  And I appreciate those little nudges (sometimes a major shove) that I get when I can’t make a decision.  I hope I go in the right direction!

Angels watching over us, our family.  I’m sure there are lots of moms (and dads!) out there that are right there with me – like praying for angels to watch over that airplane my son is in and keep him safe in his travels, to be with my parents as they struggle with aging and depression, to be with my grandchildren each minute of each day in this strange world we live in.   I need many angels.  God provides.  He provides what we need, always.  When I pray for angels, I’m asking Him to allay my fears and help me remember that. 

Angels on earth – you know some of them.  Some are famous – Mother Teresa, of course.  An angel here on earth and now, I have no doubt, looking down from Heaven at the many children she loved and nurtured.  Some of those angels here on earth are not so famous – the one that held your hand and cried with you at times of pain and sorrow, stood by you when you were alone, helped you when you were too scared to ask for help.  I am in awe of all of them, and want to be like them. 

Our ‘human nature’ doesn’t want us to be angels here on earth.  Selfishness, greed, envy, intolerance, indifference and more, all those things interfere with the character of an angel.  We excuse ourselves in the name of ‘human nature’.  It is only ‘human nature’ to want things, to be envious of others’ possessions and vacations and relationships, to want everyone to think as we do.  That is what we tell ourselves. 

As Christians, shouldn’t it be our ‘nature’ to want to be as Christ-like as possible?  Our human-ness should not interfere with our spirit, with our need to fulfil the place God wants for us here on earth. 

I have friends that have indeed been angels in my life.  And they, too, are human.  I am so thankful and blessed to have friends that have opened their heart to being an angel, to following what God wanted in their life.  And He has blessed them, and blessed me to know them.  I want to be a person like that. 

‘Thy Kingdom come, Thy Will be done, on Earth as it is in Heaven’.  On earth.  I want to be a Clarence one day, earning my wings.  For now, I’m Tricia, trying to be what He wants.  I’ll keep trying.