About The Author

Faith and family, the strongholds of my life. And imagination, the stuff dreams are made of. Just a glimpse or a nod, a mention of a God-wink (thank you, Squire Rushnell), and off goes the story. I fall a little bit in love with all the characters, and I look forward to seeing where they’re going.
I’ve been writing stories for years, since before my son, Chad, was born in ’79. Handwritten, a very few typed on the old Selectric I bought at a yard sale, they were crammed in drawers for no other reason than I hated to throw them out. A few short stories in the ’80s also filed away, and then life, as it so wonderfully often does, was full of joy and sorrow and excitement of the journey of being a mom and watching my son grow into the wonderful man he now is.
Fast forward to 2005 and my grandson. Carson loved spending time with his Yaya (me!)and Pepaw (my husband, Lee), and at night, at storytelling time, Carson did not want the time-honored books to be read to him. Oh no, he wanted a story of his own; he wanted to be the main character; Carson would tell me what he wanted to happen in the story.
As my faith (and family!) has grown, so has my desire to write from the heart. My son’s encouragement and the support of my family have led me down this wonderful journey, and I hope to pour out words into stories that fill the soul with joy.
Adult Christian fiction includes both ‘Waiting on Faith’ and ‘End of Summer,’ both of which brought me to tears as the words flowed, as the story played out in my mind. Prayer (lots of prayers!) brought the books to a final page and publication. The series will continue, and I hope that the ancestry link to faith will give you thankfulness to what has come before and anticipation for what comes after! I am finding a deeper love of history as I research the timelines for the story.

Quick Reads are those short stories that come from moments of laughter, a scene from a window, a look across a room, or a good, releasing cry. ‘Wholesome Reads for Busy People’ encompass varied genres and are available as ebooks at Amazon.

My granddaughter, Abby, inspired AbbyDoodleBooks. ‘Abby’s Shells,’ illustrated by Julianna Jones – as are all the young children books in the AbbyDoodleBooks series, is a beautiful little book with perfect pictures that give children a look at the mysterious animal life of the ocean and our responsibility to care for them. All of the AbbyDoodle books, including the Fruit of the Spirit series, are scripture-referenced.
All grown up and in high school now, Carson inspired the Crooked Branch Mysteries series; they are such fun because the stories happen in my neighborhood, a suburb outside of Nashville, TN.

The newest release – Love, Charles – a wonderful story based on true events. The journey writing this book appears on the front page of the website. Laugh and cry, it’s worth the read.

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