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St. Paul’s Weekend


I’ve only just returned from the most amazing three days, visit with some of the finest women in the world – some of the strongest, most powerful women of the world.  Wonderful women that I call friends, that will be a part of my family forever, here on this earth and in God’s sweet heaven. 

Several years ago, when our children were young, and we were much younger – a group of women at a small church became more than friends, closer than family – we became spiritual sisters.  Searching, each of us, for answers to many different questions, but searching together.  When one fell, the others embraced her.  When one excelled, the others cheered her on.  And through it all, the search for God’s will in our lives, in our children’s lives, in the life of our church. 

Without these amazing women my life could not be complete.  God placed us together for a purpose, and to each he embodied a strength that another needed, that could complement another’s gifts, and unknown to us all at the time, a purpose for future generations and spreading His Love throughout the universe. 

While all of these women have impacted my life in beautiful and wonderful ways and especially in the past few days, two of them gave me the wings I needed to find the path God planned for me.  There are days that I’m not sure of my path, but their strengths and power give me the spiritual tools I need to build the life God wants me live.  One shows me the love, mercy and compassion I must have for all of God’s children and the other shows me the path I must follow to discern God’s will for my life.  These two women, and all of the women I have been with this past few days, have shared their strength, their love, and their God, my God.  There is nothing that can separate me from this Love.  That is the power.  That is the strength.  Thank you, Lord, for giving me this time to remember that.