Adult Christian Fiction

Waiting on Faith

Will the journal of a young girl, written many years ago about her life at the hands of a pirate, convince Lizzie that there is hope?Lizzie can’t forgive herself, much less expect it from God. With her sin, the evil that she has done, how could it be possible? Patch wants her to believe, to know that she deserves love. But some things can’t be forgiven, can they? A journey into the past takes Lizzie back to the time of fair maidens and pirates and the power of God’s word and His love for all of us. But can Lizzie accept the gift offered? Is the price too high? Across oceans and mountains, pirates and fair maidens, the Cherokee and settlers. What comes before leads us to where we are now. Patch and Lizzie find their lives intertwined, bound in faith from those that came before. The journal of Patch’s ancestor, Magdalena, brings Lizzie to the edge of decision; can she choose love and faith? Do the actions of those that came before show us the way to triumph or hasten our descent into despair? Patch and Lizzie search for the answers through prayer and scripture, but can evil be overcome?

End of Summer

Rebecca Dalton should feel like she has it all.  A handsome husband who provides exceptionally well for her, two beautiful daughters, a life many envy.  A normal day takes a wicked turn, and Rebecca finds herself in a place she has no control over.  Tragedy and fear threaten to replace faith and love.  The Dalton family struggles to understand amid a whirlpool of emotion.  What will Rebecca find at the end of her journey?  Suspenseful and gripping, “End of Summer” offers a faith-based book to new and enduring Christians..