Fruit of the Spirit

Chapter books, for beginning and intermediate readers.

Each book of the Fruit of the Spirit Series will show an example of each ‘fruit’:  love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.  Fun adventures with Dani and her friends will help explain God’s purpose and show the right way to handle everyday problems. Four books in the series are now available, with #4 dealing with patience, and the true meaning of Christmas.

Fruit of the Spirit Series #1
Dani and Jax

Dani was a good girl. At least she thought so. She was pretty sure her teacher didn’t think she was good. Her teacher was unfair, and Dani was being punished. Everything was very unfair and Dani was not happy about it. Who would guess that a little purple goat could change things? Join Dani on her adventure with Jax, the purple goat only she can see. Jax is very smart for an invisible goat and helps Dani laugh her way through the things that seem unfair.

Fruit of the Spirit Series #2
To the Moon!

It’s easy to be angry. It’s hard to stop being angry and find a way to get along with other people, especially if it’s a bully. Jax is a purple goat that is invisible to everyone but Dani. Jax wants to help Frankie get along with Chris, the class bully. But can it happen? Dani doesn’t want Nutty Frankie to get in any more trouble. Purple goats can be funny and smart, and sometimes help us to find the right way to do things.

Fruit of the Spirit Series #3
The Dove’s Nest

Dani finds a bird’s nest with three eggs, but the daddy bird is hurt! Dani is busy taking care of the daddy bird while the mother bird is busy sitting on her eggs, and she also has to deal with a debate at school! Jax is on hand to help and encourage Dani to find ways to work together with her friends that don’t agree.

Fruit of the Spirit Series #4
Jax’s Party

Jax is missing! Dani has looked everywhere and can’t find him. There’s so much happening she needs to talk to Jax about! And Christmas seems so far away! Join Dani and her friends as they celebrate the most wonderful birthday of all.

Fruit of the Spirit Series #5
The Church Bell

Thunderstorms and tornadoes are always scary, even to an invisible purple goat and a beautiful hummingbird. Dani and her parents help her church family come together when tragedy strikes. Dani, with help from Jax and Shimmer, learn that a church is more than the building. It’s the people that God loves inside.