AbbyDoodle Books

AbbyDoodle Books are common-sense stories about real-life stuff in a crazy world.  Stories about God, family, friends, church and the world around us.  Books that reinforce the qualities we want our children to remember and pass along.  Scripture referenced from the International Children’s Bible and the New International Version. 

For beginning readers and perfect for parents to read to children.

Abby’s Trophy

Abby likes her brother’s trophy. But it’s not hers. Everyone doesn’t get a trophy. A story about winning and losing, helping and encouraging your family and friends.

Abby’s Shells

Abby’s trip to the beach was exciting! Sea creatures, beautiful shells, and turtles made their family vacation super-special!

Abby Likes to Read

Abby likes to read all kinds of books. Books will take you to other places, tell you about other people, and make you laugh! Lead your child to the world of books – where you can go anywhere and be anything!

Jacob Likes to Read

Jacob wants to play outside. He can’t because it’s raining! What to do? Be a detective! Or maybe a race car driver? He can do anything with a book! Read with your child and give them one of the best gifts – a love of books. Books to take them everywhere.

My Toof at the Zoo

Come with Jacob as he looks for his missing tooth at the Zoo! Is his tooth in the lion’s cage? Oh No!

A Bug in Her Tummy!

There is a bug in her tummy! What kind of bug could it be? Spiders or worms, bees or flies? Oh no, how do we get them out? Abby goes to the doctor!