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Our daily life is hectic.  Responsibilities and must-dos crowd in.  Quick Reads are for those few short moments when you can relax.  Maybe it’s an early morning read, before the day starts, or one that will ease you into rest before the day ends.  Try one of the Quick Reads, available at for your tablet.   99¢- $1.9

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My Journey to Love, Charles

I attempted several years ago to write a non-fiction book. The true story centered around my son, who took a tumble some 40+ years ago, resulting in a long hospital stay at Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital in Nashville. It was an emotional roller coaster, with prayers from all over the country through the Upper Room ministry for my two-year-old. The gifted surgeon, Dr. Verne Allen, operated for seven long hours to save my son’s life. The…

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